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This contains some basic rules and information for KungFuFighters alliance.

Basic rules in a short form:

  • No cars in rally
  • Farm nodes completly
  • Construction with only 1 car/soldier if not otherwise mentioned
  • relocate into our main area
  • grow stronger and be nice to each other
  • do not attack other alliances if not allowed by leadership
  • have fun

Building Priority

  1. Your priority is to level up your headquarter as fast as possible.
  2. Train as many troops as you can with the highest tier available to you.
  3. Research the T3 and T4 troops as fast as possible
  4. Check your time management. If you are longer offline, use long duration task. If you are regular use shorter ones

New to the alliance?

  • Most times there is a marker on the map, where a new members should relocate to
  • If you don't know where to, ask a R4 or leader
  • If you don't know how, ask a R4, leader or just in the alliance chat
  • If you are unsure and have questions... ask
  • Friends and foes of our alliance are marked in the alliance board
  • If you will be offline for a longer period, inform the leader


  • Always farm the ressources in the alliance area. These resources are marked with a yellow arrow. This allows you to get the ressources faster and the alliance warehouse gets an additional part.
  • Always farm a resource node/tile until the end. Don't leave smal pieces inside. If your troops are not big enough, use a smaller one.
  • Only if you deplete a resource node/tile completly a new one will appear

Farming Accounts

  • If you have additional farming accounts, move them in an area, where the resources of you gathering level match, otherwise you will leave partly depleted resource nodes/tiles on the map.


  • If possible, activate autorally (no cars in there)
  • No cars in rally, as these are the weakest units and get harmed from every other troop type
  • For hivemines up to level 3, the no car rule may be ignored. But for villages/towns/checkpoints it is mandatory, that no car is in rally
  • Rally-leader have the option to remove participants that are using cars (its their choice if they want them, or not)
  • Always check you enemy and if you start a rally, that you can lead enough forces. Your rally cap is determined by the fighting center and possible some skills/talents of your leading hero. Hiveminds give a information about what amount and level of troops should be used. So do not start a rally to a hivemind level 3, if you can only transport 250k troops.

How to refill a rally

  • Sometimes it is necessary, to refill a rally, us otherwise the rally will be destroyed.
  • Place a second troop near the rally enemy
  • If your troops in the rally go to yellow/red status, open the rally and leave the rally
  • Join the rally again with the fresh troops
  • If you are the rally leader, open the rally and select another players icon, to move the rally leadership to the other player. Then leave the rally and join with the fresh troops

Alliance research

  • participate in the alliance research. This gives us all benefits
  • at the next day, the best participants get rewards from the system

Watchtower builds

  • If we build a watchtower, send only a troop with one single unit/squat inside (one car or one bike) to the tower. 
  • This slows down the building process, but more members have the chance to join and earn silver coins
  • If not otherwise mentioned, this is for every watchtower

Silver coins / Alliance store

  • The silver coins are useable to buy stuff in the alliance store for yourself
  • silver coins will be earned by helping others, participating in alliance building, alliance research, donation for antipede
  • The prices in the alliance shop are set by the system and cannot be changed - sorry

Golden coins

  • The golden coins can only be used by the R4 and R5/Leader members for the alliance and no personal benefit
  • You cannot buy anything for yourself with the golden coins
  • If you have golden coins in your bag, use them, to fill up the alliance warehouse
  • The golden coins are used to buy items for the alliance store, to start alliance research and build alliance structures


  • If there are events, please participate. We will announce this via marker at the location with an UTC time.


  • The antipede is available once a week
  • Fighting it, will give you rewards depending on the damage you deal int the 30 minutes, the antipede will be there
  • Your troops will not get any real damage from the antipede, but after an amount of special attacks, your troops will flee back to your shelter
  • There should be several rallys started (best with 30 seconds offset to each other). Join the existing rallys
  • Try not to fight it alone (it is possible, but your troops are fleeing fast)
  • Dependent of the anitpede defence system (donation) there can be several caves be available on the map, that need to be explored to get additional rewards
  • If you change the alliance, you can participate, but get no rewards for 7 days


  • The Pompeii event is available for all, that have a headquarter of level 16 or better
  • Pompeii can be started at 1 of 4 timeslots. The leader or R4s can assign people to participate at the event
  • The timeslots are at 13:00-14:00 and 20:00-21:00 UTC on saturday and sunday if announced by the system
  • The event will take you for the complete hour
  • Therefore give the information on which timeslot you can participate and, if more than one is given, the preferred one
  • Assigning players will be done by reply only, otherwise we will get possible stronger opponents
  • It is a capture the flag game. Try to get outpost, defend and fight the other alliance for it. Gather resources.
  • In the middle drops sometimes a capsule. This will give a huge amount of points. The capsule has to be transported to one of your own owned outposts.
  • The troop carrying the capsule is slow, and needs defence from other players
  • Fighting the small zombies will give you additional buffs for a time


  • Check you chat, a red symbol means, there has something happened
  • If you see an player icon in the chat bar, it is a direct message to you
  • No racism.
  • Stay friendly and try not to spam it.
  • Use direct chat preferred for long lasting conversations.
  • The translator is a beast. So try to stay in one language and try to use no abbreviations if possible.
  • If possible use english, as that is understand from the most, without using the translator.
  • Important stuff send per direct message to me or one of the R4s.

There is a option, to join our discord server (an option not an obligation):
Please choose you ingame nickname (changeable via Edit Server profile)
The server has some secured channels, that are only available for KFF members. But the role setting has to be done by hand, after you joined.

It is a possibility to activate all members via a discord announcement, in case of an emergency.
But feel free to use the chats or even voice chats, as you like.
The text chats are using a translation bot (Kiki), that will translate the send message between up to 4 different languages.
Currently set is german, english, indonesian und chinese (simple) for the complete server.
But if wished, i can make separate channels with different languages.

Fort / Watchtower attack

  • A enemy scan of a watchtower or a fort is no reason to worry
  • An enemy (or you) can only attack an enemy structure, that is connected by your own area
  • A fort or watchtower getting attacked will start to burn and destroy the building with the time
  • The flames can be extinguished by the leader or R4, by using golden coins or diamonds. But this has a timeout, before it can be done again
  • The buildings will repair itself after an hour for forts. Watchtowers are faster
  • To destroy a building, the flames must be lit again, if the flames are out (the status bar is yellow)


And one last point...
... feel free to contact me (per PM) with suggestions or things you don't like.
I am not leading alone. We are no dictatorship here, and a lot of stuff is done as a team.

Stay save. Get stronger.
But remember. This is a game. Real life has the priority and we will kick no one, for not being online for a few days. But if we grow and need new space, we will start kicking people that haven't been online for a while.